Vietnam travel guide

Vietnam is a popular Southeast Asian tourist destination. It is undoubtedly the most fantastic option if you are considering a holiday to Vietnam. But before you plan a trip to Vietnam, here are some ideas to help you have a better time there.

travel guide to vietnam

Why Vietnam is a good choice

Vietnam can be a fantastic destination for a vacation. It is full of modern cities with their modern city culture. Let the contemporary city culture entertain you while you escape your daily routines. After this Vietnam holiday, you will return home feeling refreshed and light.  


Here are some places you can visit in Vietnam to remember your vacation forever.

1. When traveling to Vietnam, visit their capital city Hanoi. Hanoi is rich in traditional culture. The majority of tourists come to see their heritage. You can go to their museum to experience the rich history. 

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2. Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam is always busy and feels like a modern metropolis. Ho Chi Minh will give you all kinds of famous Vietnamese dishes and foods if you want to try traditional Vietnamese food and dishes.

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3. Hue makes you feel like you’re in the past. it is the lost imperial of Vietnam. There you can find historic palaces and Buddhists.

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4. Phan Thiet will be your top choice for a relaxing Vietnam vacation in search of glittering sunshine. You can go to the beach or on a day trip there with a relaxed mind.

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Vietnam will give you everything you want from a vacation and make you wish you could stay longer. So, don’t doubt before taking a tour to Vietnam this vacation.

Currency of Vietnam:

 buy vietnam currency
But before you travel to a country, you must know about the country’s currency. When traveling to Vietnam, it’s essential to know the country’s currency and how to get the best exchange rate. 


Here are some short guides to help you:

  • The Vietnamese Dong is Vietnam’s official currency (VND).
  •  You can purchase Vietnamese Dong at banks, ATMs, and money exchange companies.
  •  Using an ATM or a currency exchange agency is the easiest option to get the lowest exchange rate.
  •  Credit cards are generally accepted in Vietnam, but check with your bank first.
  •  Do not use a traveler’s check when you visit Vietnam.

You can now exchange your currency at Danesh Exchange anytime to travel without hassle in Vietnam. 


Interesting things to know about Vietnam: 

The country has one of the highest rural population numbers in Southeast Asia, with about two-thirds of the population living there, but the quality of education is about 95%.

There are eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam. Hang Son Doong, the world’s largest cave, is in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.


foods in vietnam

Vietnam is very popular for its food at such a reasonable price. If you go to small shops and restaurants or eat street food, you can easily have your meal for between USD 0.22 and USD 2.22. However, the price of a meal will vary more in tourist areas. You can also have non-Vietnamese meals for between USD 4.32 and 6.47. You can get drinks and juices for US $0.43 and $0.83.

We recommend that while you’re traveling in Vietnam, you try out some of the cheaper local dishes.



accomodation in vietnam

Hotels in Vietnam are your best option if you’re looking for a comfortable stay. Depending on your budget, there are many different types of hotels for travelers. Hostels can be found around Vietnam, including in national parks, small islands, and main cities. They’re one of the best ways you can save money. These hotels accept cash or ATM cards. However, using cash might be your great option.


accomodation of vietnam


As a tourist, staying in hotels is your best option for a comfortable stay. You can easily find different types of hotels according to your budget. There are also some hostels with a friendly budget in their main cities, small islands, and national parks. These hotels accept cash or ATM cards. However, wherever you decide to stay in Vietnam, we suggest you use cash there.

You can now easily get Vietnamese cash from home anytime from Danesh Exchange.




transport in vietnam

Vietnam’s most popular transport options are train, bus, and airplane travel. You can also easily rent a scooter for a low cost to get around your neighborhood. It is also a fun ride to do in Vietnam. You can also hire a bike there. 

Another fun ride in Vietnam is Cyclo. You will see available cyclo drivers calling out to passing visitors from street corners.


Up and downs of using cards in Vietnam:

In Vietnam today, Visa, Mastercard, and JCB are widely accepted. But they are only suitable for some places. You can face some trouble while using them.



  • Comfort and portability.
  • It is a wise choice for those unfamiliar with Vietnamese banknotes.
  • Avoid using fake, damaged, old, or contaminated banknotes.


  • Fraud involving credit cards.
  • In Vietnam, not all retailers accept credit cards.
  • Hidden fees.


Credit card risks – credit card fraud in Vietnam:

Vietnam is becoming a more popular place for credit card fraud and scams. Before your trip to Vietnam, keep these things in your mind while using a credit card:

  • If you ever lose the card, call your bank and ask them to block it temporarily. Because in Vietnam, they don’t verify the owner of the card. So anyone can use your card. 
  • AVOID using ATMs outside.
  • You should set device passwords to prevent fraudsters from accessing your laptop, tablet, and phone and stealing your bank information.
  • Regularly review the statement on your credit card.
  • A commission of several percent per transaction (up to 10%) may be charged when using a credit card in Vietnam. Make sure to confirm the cost of any additional fees.

Therefore, you should exchange your money at the Danesh Exchange before going there and try your best to use cash.


How to purchase Vietnamese dong from Danesh

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