Visit Japan – simple guide for japan travel

A visit to Japan is an excellent choice for this holiday as it is a country of contrasts. It has a rich history, culture, beautiful scenery, and lively city life. Another name for Japan is “Land of the Rising Sun.” It is also well-known for its high standard of living, cutting-edge technology, and excellent educational system.
Visit Japan- simple guide for japan travel

You can do many things there if you plan your trip well and know what to do. To ensure that your trip to Japan is memorable, this blog will provide helpful information about Japan’s travel guide.

Japan currency information before visiting

Before traveling to Japan, you must familiarize yourself with the local currency. It is essential to know about the country you are going to. More importantly, you need to learn about their currency. Also, you must be aware of the currency exchange rate compared to your currency. This way, you can spend money without difficulties and enjoy your trip to Japan.

travel to japanCurrency name: Yen
Symbol of the currency: ¥
Coins: JP¥1, JP¥5, JP¥10, JP¥50, JP¥100, JP¥500
Notes: JP¥1000, JP¥2000, JP¥5000, JP¥10000
Creation date: 1871
Authority: Bank of Japan.

Make sure you have exchanged your currency into Japanese currency before your trip to Japan. To buy Japanese currency, you can easily trust Danesh exchange.


Places in japan to visit

Japan is a trendy place for people from other countries to visit. From Mount Fuji to Shinjuku’s neon lights, there’s plenty to see and do. A trip to Japan will allow you to see many different sights.

travelling to japanTokyo – it is the capital city of japan with the most population. Japan’s capital- is a hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Many people say Tokyo is the best place in the world to shop! Visit Ginza, Harajuku, and Shibuya districts for some incredible shopping experiences. And don’t miss out on seeing one of Japan’s most famous temples – the Meiji Shrine. Also, the food there is something you really should try. Tokyo is also famous for anime and manga, which attract the visitor most.

travel japan
Hiroshima – The city devastated by an atomic bomb during WWII offers visitors a glimpse into how it felt when it happened 60 years ago. Visit Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and learn about the history at The Atomic Bomb Dome Museum or head to Urakami Cathedral, where displays showing how people lived before the bombing occurred in 1945.

japan travel
Osaka – This modern metropolis is home to some fantastic architecture, including Osaka Castle and Namba Parks (Osaka), considered one of Japan’s best parks for taking pictures with its beautiful landscaping. when you visit Japan, you must visit Osaka.

visit japan
Kyoto – Kyoto used to be the capital city of Japan. The city’s ancient culture is both beautiful and fascinating. There are many gorgeous structures to behold. Also, Kyoto is a great place to hike because beautiful mountains surround it.


Best time to visit Japan

best time to visit in japan

You can visit Japan at any time of the year. There is scenic beauty in every season. However, Traveling to Japan in the spring (March to May) or fall (September to November) is ideal. You will find Japan to be most lively and colorful during these seasons.

Besides fall and spring, you can also travel to Japan in the winter and summer seasons. Fewer people visit during these two times. You can also see the many beautiful things that Japan has to offer in these two seasons. These two seasons are also inexpensive. Japan is a great place to go hiking and sightseeing in the summer.


What to eat in japan

foods in japan travel

Japan is known not only for its beautiful scenery but also for having the best food. If you want to know what foods you should try when you visit Japan, we made a simple list of must-try foods in Japan.

  1. On a trip to Japan, sushi is the first thing to try. It’s like how sushi and Japan are written as one word. If you like eating fish, you will love how different the sushi tastes there.
  2. Ramen was the second thing on our list of things to eat in Japan. The Japanese made the most delicious ramen.
  3. You can get a bowl of miso soup. The exciting thing about this dish is that it can be served with optional ingredients that can be added based on regional, seasonal, and personal preferences.
  4. You’ll love Okonomiyaki, their special pancake dish, if you like pancakes.
  5. In Japan, people enjoy noodles. They consume Okonomiyaki, made from wheat flour. The menu also includes Udon noodle soup. Try out some of these wonderful and healthy meals when traveling in japan.
  6. You should also try their Yakitori. It’s grilled chicken on skewers with bite-sized pieces of meat from the breasts, thighs, skin, liver, and other parts of the chicken. Most of the time, it is cooked over charcoal and made to order.
  7. When you visit Japan, you should try local snacks, as the Japanese culture is known for its variety.

You’ll find many different kinds of food when you get there. Try food that suits your taste whenever you want. Also, remember to get enough yen from Danesh exchange before trying all the food on the streets or in restaurants.

Tips and tricks:

Before visiting the country, you should know the manners of Japanese culture. The Japanese are pretty strict when it comes to proper etiquette. Here is some information for you before you travel to japan

  • Always remove your shoes before you enter any house in japan.
  • Greet before you eat and also after you finish your meal. But what will you say? It’s interesting to share with you. First, you have to say Itadakimasu, and after the meal, you will say Gochisosama. This is how you show respect for the meal.
  • Do not point a finger at someone. It is such a disrespectful thing to do in japan.
  • Always eat your tea and noodles with slurping.
  • Tipping in japan is a big no. so don’t ever do that.
  • While walking, always walk on and follow the flow of locals. Keep the sideway of walking.
  • Do not call someone by their first name—especially an older person than you.
  • Last, try not to make eye contact when interacting with them.


Get some Japanese yen before your Japan travel

Don’t forget to change your money into Japanese yen so that your trip to Japan is easy and fun if you consider changing money at the airport. There may be better ideas than this since airport kiosks and hotels cut exchange fees. So, to enjoy your trip without stress, be smart about how you exchange money. Danesh exchange lets you change your money for such a low rate, and there are no hidden fees. Additionally, you can purchase any dollar in any store or online.

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