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Order Foreign Currency Online: PRESS RELEASE

May 15, 2018

Danesh Exchange Adds Online Currency Conversion for Travelers’ Convenience

Dandenong, Australia – May 14, 2018 – Danesh Exchange announced the launch of a new service – Order Foreign Currency Online. This service allows the customer to place their order for foreign currency online and collect from the store. The new service allows customers to order more than 65+ currencies at the best rates in just three easy steps.

Order Foreign Currency Online

Individuals can order and purchase their currency by selecting the desired foreign amount, choosing the pickup date and making the payment, and then picking up their cash at the company’s office. The new service makes currency exchanges quick, affordable, efficient and convenient.

One of the most confusing and frustrating experiences for travellers is obtaining the currency of the country they’re visiting. We enable anyone to purchase the native currency they need to make their travel worry-free. We are not a bank, allowing the firm to offer better exchange costs and special rates are available for students, pensioners and groups.

Danesh Exchange has years of experience in money conversions and exchanges. No commission or conversion fees are charged and the firm also provides professional tips and professional advice.

The new online money purchase by Danesh Exchange makes it easy for individuals to obtain the foreign currency they need for travel in any country. The company is able to provide better rates than traditional banking institutions, making it a one-stop resource for exchange needs of any type, whether customers need cash for souvenirs or a major purchase.

About Danesh Exchange

Danesh Exchange has been providing top class service for foreign exchange and money transfer since 2009. Our award-winning customer service means you can rest assure while purchasing your foreign currency online. We offer safe and secure transactions that are faster, with no fees and better rates. Individuals can connect with Danesh Exchange on Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn.

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