Best Currency Exchange In Melbourne

If you’re not the rush type, but still need the convenience of time and value (we’re not all), we have the right service for you.

Where can I exchange currency in Melbourne during my last-minute lunch break? Is there anywhere nearby? Most importantly, who has the best exchange rates in Melbourne? Don’t worry, this is where Danesh Exchange comes in. With unrivalled exchange rates and convenient centrally located branches, exchanging currency in Melbourne has never been easier. Order online and pick it up in-store. Simple and secure solutions to your travel finance problems.

If you’re not the rush type, but still need the convenience of time and value (we’re not all), we have the right service for you. In addition to in-store pickup, we also offer a delivery service that delivers your exchange rate savings to your door. Talk about convenience! Order online and get home delivery.

Why buy foreign exchange in Melbourne?

Still not convinced cash is the key? We’ll tell you why else exchanging in Melbourne before your permit is essential:

  • Avoid fees – no hidden transaction or switching fees abroad (ATM, EFTPOS payments, etc.)
  • Accessibility – In overseas markets, small operators do not have the ability to accept card payments. Avoid getting caught without cash!
  • Efficient. Don’t waste time looking for ATMs abroad, everything you need is in your pocket.
  • Exchange rate security. You don’t have to shop around because you have a one-time fixed exchange rate, which means you don’t see market volatility. Avoid being hit by low exchange rates and being blackmailed at the airport!
  • Top secret. No risk of identity fraud. Enough said. Inner Peace. ATMs are rare in some countries, and in some cases, they run out of money entirely. This is extra stress you don’t need!
  • Indispensable. Essential in an emergency – ATM eats your card, bad EFTPOS connection, card stolen or blocked, etc.


How does this work

Order OnlineBest Currency Exchange In Melbourne

First, check out our competitive exchange rates, choose the foreign currency and amount you want to exchange, pay and enjoy your travel cash savings. Best of all, you can choose to have them delivered to your door or picked up in-store!



Pick Uppickup

Danesh Exchange has convenient locations in Australia. Come to work during your lunch break or explore Melbourne on weekends – the most convenient place. Get Australian Post Pick Up Now!



Currency delivered to your doorHome delivery

If you are particularly pressed for time, having foreign currency delivered to your door is the perfect solution! Just sit back and relax and we’ll give you the best Melbourne exchange rates. No stress, hassle or expense. Get Home Delivery Now!






Order your currency now

Choose Danesh Exchange in Melbourne. Not only will you beat the big banks, but you’ll also beat unnecessary travel cash charges too! To better prepare for tomorrow, visit Danesh Exchange today and enjoy the best currency exchange in Melbourne!

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