foreign Exchange with No Commissions

Money Exchange with No Commissions

June 8, 2017

Are you looking for foreign Exchange With NO Commission?

Then look no further,

Danesh Exchange is your one place for all your foreign currency exchange. We buy and sell international currency to customers with different needs. Whether you require exchanging money for your holiday’s trip, or are part of a commercial business, small or large; Danesh Exchange can deliver the right foreign exchange solutions for you.

If you’re traveling overseas, it is important to always carry small amount of cash on hand if you’re catching a taxi, making phone calls or getting something to eat. You may not find ATM nearby so having it cash is always easier.

We offer up to date and Best exchange rates and absolutely charge $0 commission or fee:

  • $0 commission or Fees
  • Higher Exchange Rates
  • Buy/Sell International Money including…
  • USD, GBP, EURO, SGD, NZD, AED, CAD, FJD, IDR and much More…

Get the latest exchange by calling  03 8753 7579