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Need you purchase USA Dollars?

So, you are travelling to overseas and want to convert AUD to USD? You’re not sure where to find the best exchange rates and pay no service fees?

Luckily you have come to the right place.

Danesh Exchange is your one place for all your travel needs. We convert AUD to USD or vice versa at best rates in Melbourne and charge $0 commission or fees. If you’re a student or pensioner, we have even better rates so you can save even more money.

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We won’t be beaten on exchange rates!

Buy US Dollars Online

Why not purchase US Dollars online? Danesh Exchange online ordering system allows customer to place their order for foreign currency online and collect from the store. The new service allows customers to order more than 65 currencies at best rates just three easy steps.

Individuals can order their currency by selecting the desired foreign amount, choosing the pickup date and making the payment, then picking up their cash from the stores.

The new service makes currency exchanges quick, affordable, efficient and convenient.

Buy US Dollars Online

Why Danesh Exchange?

Do you have a business trip or holiday tour planned for USA? Danesh Exchange offers top quality AUD to USD currency conversion. We buy and sell US Dollars at highest rates in the market. Your will get:

  •  Highest exchange rates for US Dollars in Melbourne
  •  $0 commissions or any other added conversion fees
  •  Discount rates for pensioners, students and groups
  •  Over 65 Currencies available with US Dollar one of them
  •  Fast, Convenient and Safe money exchange
  •  Professional advice for Money Exchanging
  •  Well trained, experienced and professional Staff

Buy USD with AUD

Foreign currency exchange has now become much easier and feasible with the help of Danesh Exchange. Our foreign exchange rates are better than anyone else in the market. Through us, people can easily buy or sell any international currency, including USD, GBP, EURO, SGD, NZD, CAD, FJD, IDR and much more. Other than this, We have discounted rates for student, pensioners and travel groups.

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Conveniently located in Dandenong, We are the one place to exchange AUD to USD and USD to AUD.

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