foreign currency converter

Think of the best exchange rate in Melbourne? think of the Danesh Exchange.

You have finalized your travelling arrangements to travel overseas either for a vacation or a business trip. You have studied guidebooks, you have researched about the city you are travelling to, you have looked up places you might be visiting.

Your next line of concern is money and the currency exchange rates in Melbourne. With the global economy now, one needs to be a frugal spender in a foreign land and it starts with getting the best exchange rates because the conversion rate of these currencies can affect the cost of your trip. So you need to find the best exchange rate in Melbourne.

Where to find the best currency exchange rates in Melbourne?

Luckily for you, you don’t need to look further because Danesh exchange is located in Melbourne.

We Also Buy and Sell 
USD – America JPY – Japan
AED – United Arab Emirates IDR – Indonesia
AUD –  Australia NZD – New Zealand
CAD – Canada NOK – Norway
CNY – China PKR – Pakistan
DKK – Denmark SAR – Saudi Arabia
EUR – Europe SGD – Singapore
FJD – Fiji TWD – Taiwan
GBP – United Kingdom QAR – Qatar
HKD – Hong Kong THB – Thailand
INR – India MYR – Malaysia


You can also order online. Purchase online to lock in our highest exchange rates. Collect from your local store, at the local post office or have it delivered to your home. Call us now – 03 8753 7579