Ultimate guide for travel to Vietnam

Looking for a right mish mash of all the popular cultures from around the world for your holiday, Vietnam has everything from the French themed architectures of Hanoi to the rich and popular Chinese New Year streets of Hoi An. You will be surprised at the attention to detail and all the sparkling traditions Vietnam is able to provide to visitors from all over the world. Here’s what you can expect:

Get in With the Modern City Life

Everyone loves modern cities and Vietnam provides plenty of that. The rich traditionally themed Hanoi is always packed with plenty of buzz and full of culture from within, whereas, Ho Chi Minh City is always alive with modern metropolis feel all around it. If historical vibe gets your boat floating, Hue is your top destination and if glittering sunshine gets the ball rolling for you, Phan Thiet is your dream location. Let the modern city culture entertain you while you get away from your otherwise busy schedules or daily life routines and return home as fresh and light on thoughts as you possibly can in 2018. Whatever you are looking for in your dream holiday, Vietnam will offer something that will match that description and make you want to stay for longer.

Enjoy the Inviting Nightlife

Nightlife is something that gets everyone going and Vietnam has no shortage of that. With pleasant temperatures all year round and some of the most colorful and vibrant night clubs, the rich mix of music will get you dancing like you have never before. There are so many great options in Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi, Da Nang, Hoi An, Nha Trang or Mur Ne that wherever you stay in the country, a great nightlife spot will not be too far from you. However, if you are looking for best of the best night outs for your getaway, Hoi Chi Minh is where we recommend it. Enjoy some crazy good exotic cocktails at rooftops like the colonial charm of Saigon Saigon or the very modern and stylish Chill Skybar. For people who like to get lucky in a casino, several hotels in the city including the Caravelle Hotel or the Sheraton Saigon Hotel and Towers has plenty to offer. The street beer drinking beauty of Pham Ngu Lao in District 3 is very famous for the purity it offers or the live music performances including the smooth Jazz to the heavy Rock or Metal and everything else your can ever wish is on display at many locations within all the mentioned cities.

The Rich Landscapes and Beaches of Vietnam

Everyone loves that beach life right! Come to Vietnam and you will experience it the way it is truly meant to be enjoyed. With those mild temperatures throughout the coastal line and the palm trees dwindling and rising with the light cozy breeze usually, the occasional grain of those silky clouds look majestic in their own right. Vietnam has plenty of this to offer as well, experience the modern resort calm of Nha Trang and Da Lat and be some of the first to explore the inland golden sands or enjoy the heart bouncing watersports of Mui Ne, there’s something for everyone to have a great time at. Just come here and let all the friendly people around entertain your beachy bit more efficiently than you will even get in Thailand. Vietnam is much quitter all year round and provides the sensual peace everyone prefers and wishes for.

Aaahhh… The Food and Coffee Delights

We bet you are familiar with the famous Vietnamese noodle soup that we call Pho, it’s even referred to in the animated Hollywood hit “the Kung Fu Panda” and believe us when we tell you that it is found nowhere more authentic than in Vietnam. People from around the world will tell you they make real authentic Vietnamese food, but once you visit here and taste the delights from where they originated, you will on your own be able to tell the difference for the rest of your life. The delicate flavors added into the purity of the all-natural and organic ingredients get your taste buds flowing just on the sight of them. Vietnamese are also huge on coffee, you will find some of the freshest coffee beans that are produced from local fresh organic coffee berries and provide the customary coffee smell and necessary caffeine to keep you rolling for your dream holiday in the country. Indulge in the traditional food and coffee from authentic Vietnamese kitchens in 2018 and we will make you want to visit here again.

Exchange Your Money

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Here are some of the Australian dollar converted regular items rates you can expect after you land in Vietnam. 1 AUD is equal to 17250.55 Vietnamese Dong. You can easily convert AUD to Vietnamese Dong by sending us online inquirers.

  • Inexpensive meal for one – $2.90
  • Bottle of water – $0.37
  • 0.5 liter beer – $1.45
  • Mid-range restaurant meal for one – $15.80
  • Cappuccino – $1.90
  • Local bus ticket – $1.05

Getting Around in Vietnam

Vietnam is quite an unusually shaped country placed right on the edge of the South China Sea. The thin and curvy shape of the snake like country means there are quite long distances between major cities on each side of it. Getting around in Vietnam can be done via a number of different channels, some of which are:

Air Travel

The best way to get from say Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi or Lao Cai, which are some major cities in the country with all the tourist attractions is to take the air travel option. Flights run regularly between every big city with the ones from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City lasting around 2 hours 10 minutes and costing somewhere around $60.

Bus Travel

When sightseeing is your preference and you want to pay the least amount for it as well, Vietnam bus network can get you anywhere you want. If you want the ultimate luxury of the modern 1st class sleeper, a 2 adult ticket will cost you around $50 Dollars, the prices get much cheaper with regular 2nd class or air condition travel. The buses make regular stops along the way as well never tiring you too much from sitting fatigue.

Train Travel

The train might be the most underdeveloped means of public transport in Vietnam but when you want all the countryside views to charm your journey up along with that occasional peak for the coast line as well, Vietnam train network is your best bet. It will cost you next to nothing as well and will get you anywhere you want with connections to all major cities in the country.

City Travel

When you want to roam around any given city in Vietnam, the bus, train or plane travel have too much legs to get the job done for you. You have to rely on the classic Cyclo Pedicabs that are a human engine cycle rides with the local riders very knowledgeable about all the significant sites in all the cities or the much faster motorbike taxi services also known as xe ôm. These are both very cheap costing inside $10 for a good amount of travel and sightseeing.

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