Ultimate Guide for Travel to Thailand

Every person in this world has got so much busy in their daily routine, even though they don’t have enough time to spend with their family. This is why they search for the best place to spend their vacations along with the family to make them feel happy and fresh. This could be the most important elements to make your time memorable and sweet with some types of tours. If you are living in Australia, then you should have to choose some different place to visit along with your family.

There are a lot of countries you may visit to spend your holidays, but most of the people use to visit Thailand due to multiples of reasons. If you really want to enjoy the time with your family then Thailand would be the best place to visit. Here we will discuss the hidden specialty of Thailand and why people love to visit Thailand.

Place of Beautiful Beaches

Thailand is famous for its beautiful beaches and this thing is for sure that you will personally like its beauty and you will never get disappointed. If you are searching for the luxury, then you should select to go south to Koh Samui. If you are looking for underwater diving, then Island of Koh Tao is the best place for you. The island of Ko Khut and Ko Chang are very much idle if you are also party lover. You will definitely enjoy the moments of your life and it would be special for you as well.

Place of delicious food

Here you will definitely find the best food which could be unique in taste and fabulous as well. Thai foods are also very famous all around the world. There are different types of restaurants and street food option will also available. If you like some spicy food, you will definitely get with delicious taste. All type of food you will get here and if you are also a food lover, then Thailand would be the best place for your new experience.

Historical Temples and its culture

Thailand is a country where you can see a lot of beautiful temples. If you look into the history of Thailand, their cultures are clearly described through these places. You may also see greenery around their historical places as well. Its 95% of the population believe that they are Buddhist and they are very religious as well. This is how it could be the different thing you have never seen in your life when you will visit Thailand.

Some useful information about Thailand:

If you have planned to visit Thailand then you should have in your knowledge that, its currency name is baht which is subdivided into 100 satangs. One AUD is equal to 24.88 Thai baht. Here you will get to know about the food expenses in Thailand.

  • Inexpensive meal for one- $ 1.40
  • Bottle of water- $0.25
  • 5 liter Beer- $1.55
  • Mid-range Restaurant meal for one- $8
  • Cappuccino- $1.65
  • Local Bus Ticket-$0.55

You easily can convert Australian dollars into Thai baht with us. Put your online query or call us, just you need to submit the place where you would like to take your money.

Travelling around Thailand:

Here you will also get to know about the traveling modes which you may get in Thailand to visit different places.

By Plane

If you wish to visit different places of Thailand, then domestic flights are the best solution. It will save your much time if you visit on bus or train. The famous airlines of Thailand are Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways. You may easily get booking of flights and it is also the best and secure source to visit any other places in Thailand.

By Bus and Trains

Buses and trains are also very common and cheap way to visit Thailand. Although you may have to bear the long distances, you can be able to see the beauty of Thailand through it.

By Boat

There are different ferry and boats are available to visit any other place in Thailand. Its prices are also very affordable according to the choice of ferry. You will definitely feel excited by your trip and most of the unique experience you will also get from your trip.

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