Ultimate Travel Guide for Japan

Most of the times you need some sort of better recommendation to spend your holidays. Most of the people use to recommend you the place which they probably like most. The main thing which considers most important is to have any idea about the best place in your mind as well. Today we will explain you the best place on earth to visit. It is Japan. Japan is situated in East Asia and it is also known as the island nation of the Pacific Ocean. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan and millions of people use to visit this glowing and impressive city.

In Japan, you may probably get the excitement of imperial palaces, a huge range of mountains, beautiful islands and the city of skyscrapers. Its population is about 127 million according to the census report of 2016. There are many other things you may probably have to discover in Japan, we will let you know about them as well.

Delicious and unique food

If you really want to enjoy the delicious and tasty food in Tokyo, then you should have to order Kaiseki. It is also considered as a traditional food of Japan, normally it is served with the rice, sake and a glass of vine. There are also different varieties of food you may see in Japan streets as well. Japanese people are really very much friendly with their food and this is why you will feel the smell of food from almost every house respectively.

Amazing places to visit in Japan

There are multiple of places you may visit in Japan like the most famous Mount Fiji. There are also many beautiful gardens in Japan as well with a unique variety of flowers. The best thing you may have to see the city of skyscraper Tokyo in the night. People assume that this city never sleeps. You will see the gathering of people around you, different restaurants, clubs, street food and a lot of enjoyment as well.

Amazing culture of Japan

Japan is also very famous for its remarkable culture. There are many temples you may see in Japan and these people are very much religious and friendly. There are also very beautiful houses you may get the chance to see which are constructed according to the culture of Japan. These hoses are made up woods and they are beautifully designed as well.

Currency information

The currency of Japan is Yen which is broken into 100 sen and 1000 rin respectively. Here is some most important information regarding your basic expenses in Japan are as follows. If you are traveling from Australia, then you should have some kind of knowledge about the value of the currency. $1 AUD is equal to 86.18 Japanese Yen, so arrange the money according to the given value as much as you need.

  • Inexpensive meal for one $8.04
  • Bottle of water $1.08
  • 5 Liter beer $3.70
  • Mid-range restaurant meal for one $40.83
  • Cappuccino $3.83
  • Local bus ticket $1.91

Travelling around Japan

Travel Guide to Japan
Travel Guide to Japan

By train

In Japan, you would get the chance to use bullet train to visit your desired places respectively.  You may get the passes of your respective areas to visit from the train station very easily. Almost every person uses this mode for traveling different places respectively.

By metro

No doubt, Japan’s metro is the fastest in the world and you may also use this mode of traveling to see the different places by spending much time in the metro. It will allow you to see different places respectively.

By Taxi

This is the cheapest mode of traveling in Japan. You may hire the taxi to visit different places which you have targeted in your plan.

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