Ultimate Travel Guide for Indonesia

There are a lot of different place in the world with most amazing qualities and specifications. Some of are really very famous due to nature and some of famous due to some types of historical places. Today we will talk about the land of the volcanic island and a group of people who use to speak different languages as well. It is none another Indonesia, which has really famous for its volcanic land, beaches, jungles, elephants and Komodo dragons. Indonesia is situated in the Southeast Asian nation and its population is 261.1 million according to 2016 census. Its official language is Indonesian and its capital is Jakarta.

Furthermore, we will discuss its hidden qualities as well. If you are planning to visit some adventurous type of place, then Indonesia is the best option to avail. You may likewise select the tour to Indonesia if you are living in Australia. Here is some most important information regarding Indonesia which will surely provide you the chance to plan your trip here.

Feel relax on Beaches

You will definitely feel so relax on beaches in Indonesia. Most of the people consider it the paradise on earth. It is a perfect way of releasing your stress and the most famous island is Gili Island. Never miss the charm of Gili Island on your visit to Indonesia.

Get yourself active in Volcano climbing

After making you relax on the beautiful beaches, now get ready yourself for the real adventure of Volcano climbing. Lombok is the place where you can enjoy the real experience of your life as well as you may also enjoy the depth of the oceans if you like to search out the real jewel of the excitement. Most of the people use to visit Indonesia for enjoying the real fun of life.

Amazing View of nature

There are a lot of funs which you may get by visiting the woods in Indonesia. Rainforests are the best way to explore the real excitement of the Northern Sulawesi.

If you have planned to visit then you should have to get knowledge about the currency name and value of Indonesia. It will surely help you out to meet your expenses over there. The currency name of Indonesia is Rupiah and it is broken down into subunits of sen. While moving from Australia the currency value is $1 AUS is equal to 10414.19 Rupiah. You can get the desired amount with you according to your targeted budget.

Here is some more information about the things which you may buy for you as well.

  • Inexpensive meal for one $2.43
  • Bottle of water $0.27
  • 0.5-liter beer $2.44
  • Mid Range restaurant meal for oneĀ $7.15
  • Cappuccino $2.17
  • Local bus ticket $0.36
Travel guide to Indonesia
Travel guide to Indonesia

Travelling around Indonesia by different modes

You may also travel Indonesia by using different means of transport as Bus, boat to visit different places of your desire. If you have selected the mode of traveling by bus then you have to spend 25,000 rupiahs for a long distance journey.

If you want to visit the different places on the boat, then it will cost less than the bus. You may also get the experience to enjoy the charm of its beautiful ocean as well.

If your choice is to use the plane for reaching different cities in Indonesia, then the fares would be around 500,000 rupiahs. You may have to reserve your seat at least 2 days before.

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