Travel Guide to Iceland Tour

Most of the people love to visit different places to explore the beauty of the world. They actually have addicted to the beauty of nature respectively and this is why they love to visit different places to observe their culture, beauty, food, places and joyful moments. Every year many people from Australia use to visit different countries and if you are also making your plan to visit Iceland from Brisbane, Australia then here you will find the complete solution about your travel guide.

Iceland is a Nordic Island nation which has beautiful landscapes and volcanoes. You will also see massive types of Glaciers over there which will surely expose the beauty of nature respectively. According to the 2016 census the total population of Iceland is near about 334,252 and the total area it has covered around 103,000 and its capital is Reykjavik. The currency name of Iceland is Icelandic Krona (ISK). Here you will also get more interesting facts regarding Iceland which could be very beneficial for you to make your tour smooth and easy by all means.

Iconic blue Lagoon the best geothermal pool

This is the most attractive and iconic place in Iceland which is totally unbelievable. The Iconic blue lagoon has the quality of naturally heating up to 38 Degree Centigrade. It will surely give you more comfort if you have a long visiting day and after that to make you feel relax with Blue lagoon water and the surrounding spa complex as well.

Iceland’s National Parks and Other exciting areas

You may also get a chance to visit different parks which have discovered in the previous time. You will also get a chance to see the beautiful waterfalls which are the largest in whole Europe. You can make your tour quite adventure by visiting the hiking trails and different landmarks respectively.

Enjoy the experience of Reykjavik streets

The most famous place on earth in Iceland is Reykjavik. The most famous thing of this city is you can see so many beautiful and colorful house in a row. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants are also you will see over there. The best thing about this city is people say that “city that never sleeps”. You will totally have the unique and best experience in Reykjavik streets. You may probably get the old books stores as well and if you are also a book lover then you might get the best collection from here as well.

Here we will let you know about the prices of food and beverages cost. If you are visiting from Melbourne, Australia then you should have the idea about the currency of Iceland so you can manage the expenses. $1 AUS is currently worth 79.06 Icelandic Krona.

  • Meal for one $17.87
  • Bottle of Water $1.79
  • 5 Liter beer $8.94
  • Mid-Range Restaurant meal for one person $35
  • Cappuccino $4.47
  • Local Bus Ticket $3.57

Travelling around Iceland :

You may also get the services of car and bus to visit different places in Iceland. Here you will probably get the complete knowledge about your traveling mode and expenses.

Travel Guide to Iceland Tour
Travel Guide to Iceland Tour

By car

If you want to visit different places in Iceland then you may get hire the car on per day charges? It would be the smoothest way to enjoy your traveling experience in Iceland. You may probably get the best four-wheel drive around 12000 Kr/day and 4000 Kr/day for two-wheeler ride. Petrol stations are remaining open 24×7 you will never get the hurdle for the shortage of fuel tank. The roads are very comfortable and safe to drive them to reach any other area respectively.

By Bus

For a long journey, it would be the best choice to travel all around Iceland. These buses will move once or twice a day. If you want to enjoy the long journey by passing different places in Iceland then you should get spend 350 Kr for a single fare? 700 Kr for a day pass and 1700 Kr for three days pass respectively.

By Taxi

You may also use a taxi to visit different places which have decided or where you want to go. Taxi price starts at 660 Kr and you may probably charge 260 Kr/km.

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