Ultimate Guide for Travel to Greece

There are a lot of beautiful places all over the world but the most impressive and beautiful place is to visit once in your life in Greece. You may probably see whitewash houses and beautiful beaches and many ancient buildings as well. That’s all and much more you may get the chance to see to admire the beauty of nature in a better way. If you are making your plan to visit Greece from Australia then you should have to know further about Greece.

Explore the Ancient history of Greece

If you look back in thousands of centuries then you will come to know that Greek culture has the profound effect all over the world. You may definitely enjoy to see the beautiful places and obviously very unique as well. The most famous iconic Parthenon temple in Athens is the preferable choice of every tourist. You should have to target your visit to this place as well to know about the beauty of Greece.

Enjoy the excitement of beaches and island in Greece

No doubt, you will definitely get the chance to visit different islands and beaches in Greece. The most famous island to visit in Crete and it could be the unique experience for you to visit such a beautiful island. There are different types of resorts with beautiful sightseeing places and much more excitements. You will probably get the chance to enjoy the parties on the beach and many more.

Delicious food cuisine

Another impressive part of Greece is the delicious food items you will get everywhere. You will also get all types of food from different countries respectively. Moreover, you will also get the fresh seafood with the serving of red vine. Isn’t it amazing? Plan your visit to the marvelous place Greece.

Important things you should know about Greece

The currency of Greece is Euro which is broken down into 100 cents respectively.  When you are going to visit Greece make sure that you have converted your AUD into Greek Drachma which is like $1 AUD is equal to 221.03 GRD. Make sure you can get the more currency as you want to spend over there.

Here you may also get to know about the Food and beverages expenses in Greece respectively

  • Inexpensive meal for one $12.76
  • Bottle of water $0.64
  • 5-liter beer $4.08
  • Mid-range restaurant meal for one $19.15
  • Cappuccino $3.96
  • Local Bus Ticket $1.66

Further mode of traveling in Greece


By Public transport

The most usable source of traveling in Greece is a bus. This could be the best way to reach your desired location. Most of the tourists use the map in which they have targeted the spots which they have to visit. You may get confirm the route of your respective bus to visit the place. You may likewise get your bus ticket confirm with KTEL and you may also get a ticket on board from the conductor.

By Boat and ferry

If you wish to travel in the sea to visit beautiful islands of Greece, then this could be the best decision to enjoy the time. The main thing which you have to keep in your mind is to book your tour ticket a day or two days before the traveling.

By Taxi

Taxi is the also the best way if you want to visit some specific place or you want to visit some specific restaurant. The fare of a taxi is also very much affordable and minimum with two types of the tariff with rates of 0.85 euro to 1.75 euro.

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