Ultimate Travel Guide for France

You probably have to select your tour to the place of excitement and love France, once in your life. Every year most of the people use to visit France to explore the beauty of nature. There are a lot of visiting place in which you may really feel better and relax. If you are living in Australia, you should have a plan you vacation top visit France respectively.

Here we will explore more hidden qualities of France by discussing the most famous place to visit.

City of love and romance Paris

Paris is the capital of France and it is the most famous city all over the world. The most entertaining and romantic place on earth. Eifel tower is the most preferable and beautiful wonder you will see here. There are different types of historical buildings with a lot of stories you may also get in this place. There are different types of restaurants with a lot of variety of food you will also get here. If you also love to eat a different variety of food, then it will be the best choice to visit France. At your visit to France, don’t forget to visit its beautiful riverside of Lyon and Medieval.

Countryside tour of France

As you know it very well that France is also famous for its best Vine all over the world. If you are going to visit its countryside area, then don’t forget to visit Mont St Michael. There are a lot of gardens in which you will probably find the best thing which has made the delicious vine. You will probably enjoy the cool and fresh breeze of its fields and it will totally refresh your mind as well.

Delicious Cuisine

The most famous and delicious food of French history is Butter croissants which will bring your mouth watering. Most of the delicious cuisine French people love to serve the fresh made. Moreover, you may also get the freshly baked Baguettes and pastel-colored macaroons. You will definitely get served a glass of red vine with every food.

Essential information regarding the currency of France

In France the currency which is preferable in use in Euro which can be broken into 100 cents. If you are visiting France from Australia, then you should know the France currency value which is $1 AUD is equal to 4.26 FRF respectively. So arrange your money according to the exchange rate of France while moving to your visit.

Here you can also get your knowledge up to date regarding the food and beverages expenses in France.

  • Inexpensive meal for one $18.40
  • Mid-range of restaurant meal for one $36.81
  • Bottle of water $2.30
  • Cappuccino $3.99
  • 5-liter beer $7.67
  • Local bus ticket $2.45

Here is some other mode of traveling in France respectively you should have to get in your mind.

Travel guide to the place of excitement and love France
Travel guide to the place of excitement and love France

By Train

The French network of trains is the most advanced in the world today. You may easily buy the tickets online where you want to go. These trains are much comfortable and modern. You will surely enjoy your complete journey while you are visiting the other place respectively.

By Car

You may also get hire the car from France if you know how to drive the car. You will definitely enjoy the driving experience and it is the best chance of holding a map in your hands and start the beautiful journey to your targeted places.

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