Ultimate Travel Guide for Florence Italy

If you are searching for the best place in the world where you can explore so many things, then you should have to visit the hidden gem of Florence, Italy. Italy is famous for its iconic history and also for its architecture. You will definitely get so many ancient and beautiful historical buildings over there. You will definitely get Italy the most beautiful place in the world. If you are living in Australia and planning to visit Italy then it would be the great choice to visit.

The best thing you will see in Italy that if you like the noise prove environment to visit, then there are a lot of different places you can visit to explore the beauty of the world. You will definitely enjoy the culture and its tradition. Let’s discuss a preferable choice of the tourists which you have to visit to get the best experience of the tourism.

Enjoy your beautiful moments to visit Bardini Garden

If you are searching to feel the most beautiful environment in Italy, then you should have to visit Bardini garden once. This garden has made with so many beautiful flowers and the freshness of the flowers will provide you the pleasant views as well. As well as you may also visit Boboli Garden to see the real beauty of nature.

The oldest scientific museum of Europe

If you love to see the old and ancient things, then you should have to plan La Specola museum. This museum has filled with the taxidermy animals wax statues. It will give you the chance to see the things about 300 years previously. This museum is also considered as the oldest museum of Europe history. This place was used to teach medicine before and after that, it has converted into animals aimed. There are different types of wax animal statues you will probably see. The first view will show you that you are really in between the animals. It is amazing to visit the museum and mark it to visit compulsory.

Enjoy the deliciously made lampredotto sandwich

If you love to eat pasta, pizza, and any fast food item, then you should have to taste Lampredotto sandwich once. This thing is for sure that you will forget the taste of another foodstuff respectively. This sandwich is considered as the traditional food in Italy. You will find this deliciously made sandwich everywhere in Italy. This sandwich is made with the cow’s stomach and it cooked in a broth with herbs and tomatoes. This sandwich is used to serve in a bun after placing the whole items in it. You will definitely love the taste.

Must visit the place from Ponte Vecchio to San Miniato al Monte

Travel Guide to Firenze Italy
Travel Guide to Firenze Italy

You will never get the best chance to feel fresh air if you never visit the beautiful and amazing streets of Florence. You should start your walk from Ponte Vecchio to San Miniato al Monte. You will probably get the chance to enjoy the beautiful nature. There are many historical buildings and painting of a 16th-century church in a church. Many visitors use to visit this place respectively.

Here we will discuss the currency which you can frequently take with you for your personal expenses. Euro is the currency in Italy. If you are moving from Australia to Italy then you should know the conversion rate is $1 AUS is equal to 0.64 Euro. So keep the desired amount with you to buy your food, to spend on your traveling as well. You may also use a different mode of transportation to visit different places in Italy respectively.

Inexpensive meal for one –  $20.42 

Bottle of water – $1.40

0.5 litre beer – $5.42
Mid-range restaurant meal for one – $33.18
Cappuccino – $1.79

Local bus ticket – $2.04

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