Ultimate Travel Guide for Costa Rica

With a lot of joy and happiness with the unique excitement of beaches and also enjoy the experience of surfing the boat you will only get in Costa Rica. You should have to visit Costa Rica once to enjoy and explore many others secrets of nature in a better way. If you are living in Australia and you wish to visit Costa Rica, then you should have to know about the basic and most important things about it.

Land of Beautiful beaches

Costa Rica is very much famous for its beautiful beaches all over the world. In sunlight, you may enjoy the excitement of surfing the boat with a new experience. You will also see the most beautiful tall trees on the side of the beaches where you can relax for a moment. The environment is very much peaceful and you will surely feel much better during your complete stay in Costa Rica. You can visit different beaches in Costa Rica.

Beautiful natural views

If you love to see nature, then this would be the best chance for you to visit Costa Rica once. There are many rainforests and beautiful views of nature you may probably get the chance to visit. Most of the tourists use to visit the hilly area for tracking different mountains. The most popular sports of Costa Rica is fishing, river rafting, scuba diving and bike riding. There is also some rainforest with different wild animals. You would probably get the chance to visit jungle safari and explore the most amazing views about nature and wildlife as well.

Some useful information about Costa Rica

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica and this is a land of volcanoes, mountains, beaches and many more. The currency name of Costa Rica is “Costa Rica Colon” if you are traveling from Australia to Costa Rica then you should have the best idea about the money value of Costa Rica. 41 AUD is equal to 435.84 Costa Rica Colon. So arrange your money according to your desire.

Food and Beverages cost in Costa Rica

  • Inexpensive meal for one $8.94
  • Bottle of water $1.66
  • 5 Liter beer $2.55
  • Mid-Range Restaurant meal for one $20.43
  • Cappuccino $2.94
  • Local bus ticket $0.96

Travelling around Costa Rica

Travel Guide to Costa Rica
Travel Guide to Costa Rica

By Bus

The most popular and cost-effective mode of traveling in Costa Rica is Bus. You may have to buy the tickets and beware that most of the buses go straight to their destination and they won’t stop anywhere. If you have to visit different places then confirm the bus route according to your targeted place. There are a lot of bus stations you will get in Costa Rica.

By Taxi

The best source is to hire the taxi to visit your desired places. This is quite expensive as compared to the buses. The best thing you will probably get is to visit the different place and you may hire them for a day as well.

By Plane

You may also use their domestic Airlines to visit different place or cities in Costa Rica. The plane is quite expensive but it will cover the longest distance in few hours and you may probably get chance to visit different places in your complete tour.

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