Ultimate Travel Guide for Argentina

Usually, we fed up with our daily routine this is why we search for the relaxing moments with the family to spend happily. There are multiple ways to get these moments in your life but the best and most impressive way is to plan a holiday vacation with them respectively. This could be the most impressive and unique way to make your mind fresh and stress-free. So if you are living in Melbourne, Australia and you are planning to spend your holiday vacations in Argentina then it is obvious that you will surely get so much fun over there.

Let’s discuss some most important aspects of the beautiful country Argentine the most famous country in the South American nation. You will surely get the chance to see the beautiful glacial lakes, Grasslands, Beautiful places, Music, Buildings and the most important its tradition and delicious food as well.

Make your visit must enjoy your time in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and people consider it as a jewel of a crown. There are a lot of cafes to enjoy the gentle aroma of tea, coffee, and many more items. You may likewise get a chance to enjoy the live music and there are different areas for sightseeing as well. You would probably enjoy the shopping over here with different varieties. Never miss the chance to see these entire fantastic places on your tour.

Never miss visiting Mendoza Wine region

Argentina wine is very famous all over the world and no doubt you will also enjoy the taste. This is the capital area of wine where you may easily get the most delicious and fabulous wine collection to make the time more impressive and beautiful. It would also be the best experience to taste the delicious wine over here.

Famous for waterfalls, Iguazu Falls

When you will visit Iguazu Falls you will able to observe the real beauty of nature in the shape of Iguazu Falls. This is also very famous for world’s most beautiful waterfalls and it water probably crosses the boundaries of Brazil and Argentina. It is also designated a UNESCO the most famous and beautiful heritage. Moreover, you will surely have the best and unique view of nature and it will also provide you the complete peace of mind as well.

Currency Value

The currency of Argentina is peso which has divided into 100 centavos respectively. If you are visiting Argentina from Melbourne, Australia then you might get $1 AUD is equivalent to 13.13 peso. So you can take the money according to your selected budget from our online store. Here you will also get to know about the expenses for food and beverages.

  • Meal for one person- $12
  • Bottle of water- $1.50
  • 5 Liter beer- $3
  • Economy range restaurant meal for one person- $20
  • Cappuccino- $3.50
  • Local bus ticket- $0.50

This could be very impressive and affordable to enjoy these items on your tour. There are different restaurants you will get with delicious food and music. You will probably get the chance to taste different variety of food items here in Argentina. People love to chit chat with their mates while enjoying the fabulous food along with the wine.

Traveling around the beautiful place Argentina

As we have discussed above that you will find so many beautiful places to visit Argentina place now let’s discuss the mode of traveling as well.

Ultimate Travel Guide for Argentina
Ultimate Travel Guide for Argentina

By bus

The bus is the most popular mode of traveling in Argentina because it is so much affordable and you may also get the chance to visit so many places at the same time. You may get much time to reach the desired place but these buses are much facilitated and they allow you to watch movies on the bus to spend your long journey with joy and happiness. You should have to book your tickets about 3 days before your tour. The best recommendation is to start your tour from TAC and Cruz del Sur. This could be the best choice to start the new experience journey along with your family.

By Plane

Most of the tourists use to visit the different place by plane. This service saves much time of their tour and they would probably able to visit different places as much as they can. For instance, if you have to travel 20 hours travel by bus, you will reach your desired destination only in 2 hours. Quite an impressive option to avail and the Aerolineas Argentinas is the main domestic flight you may easily get to your desired place.

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