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At Danesh Exchange, We have a world class service from Moneygram, where you can send and receive money from anywhere and in the world. Sending or receiving hasn’t been easier, MoneyGram offers more control and more choices for people separated from family and friends by distance to meet their financial needs. We have a global reach through our network of 293,000 local agents across 197 countries and territories – giving you real convenience and flexibility. 

Money Gram Exchange Rate Melbourne

At Danesh Exchange you can send or receive a maximum of AUD$9,000 in a single transaction. 

Once your transaction is complete the money is on its way and will arrive within 10 minutes. **

How Sending Money Works?
How Receiving Money Works?
Step 1 
  • Get in touch with us
  • Call 03 8753 7579 or visit our branch
Step 2
  • Danesh Exchange Staff will collect personal details
Step 3
  • Danesh Exchange will complete a send form,
  • Consult with you the exchange rate and fees
Step 4
  • Once the transaction goes ahead,
  • you’ll be given a eight digit reference number
  • in just 10min the money will be available
Step 5
  • Contact the receiver
  • giving them the reference number
Step 1
  • Contact the person sender
  • Ask for eight digit reference
Step 2
  • Visit our branch
  • Bring your identification
  • And the reference number
Step 3
  • Danesh Exchange will complete a receive form
  • And pay you out up to $9,000AUD






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