Best AUD to TWD Exchange Rates

Buy Taiwanese dollars cash without any fees or commission at the best AUD to TWD exchange rates.

What is a good AUD to TWD exchange rate?

Currently, we are selling Taiwanese dollars at $1 AUD = 19.0107 TWD . This means that for every Australian dollar you convert to Taiwanese dollars, you will get about $1 AUD = 19.0107 TWD in return.

So, is it a good time to buy AUD with TWD ?

Well, that depends on your goals and timeframe. If you’re planning to travel overseas and are looking to buy Taiwanese dollars at the best exchange rate between AUD to TWD then Danesh Exchange is the cheapest, easiest and quickest ways to buy Taiwanese dollars in Australia.

Order Taiwanese dollars online without any fees or commissions and pick up from 3000+ Australia post stores or have it delivered right to your door within 2-3 business days.

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Buy Taiwan Dollar Online

Australia – Dollar (AUD)



Rate 19.0107 TWD
Rate last updated On 22 Sep 2023 & 04:00:02 PM AEST. Please note that these are the Danesh Exchange online sell rates. In-store rates may differ to those advertised online!
Commissions/fees A$0.00
Delivery Date Expected by September 27


A$ 2066.47

Is it a good time to buy AUD with TWD ?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the current economic conditions in both countries, the relative strength of their currencies, and the amount of money you are exchanging.

Generally, you will get best exchange rate if you exchange a larger amount of money, and if you exchange your money at a currency exchange store rather than using a bank. The best time to exchange your money is usually when the market is most active, which is typically during business hours on weekdays.

Buy Taiwanese dollars online
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Where can I get Taiwanese dollars in Australia?


One of the quickest methods to exchange your cash quickly is to purchase in-store. All you need to do is find currency converter nearby your location and change over the counter (must take your ID). Calling ahead is a wise decision to confirm their rates and that they have enough stock.

Buy online:

The cheapest way but it will take 2-3 days for it arrives. Danesh Exchange offers the best exchange rates and no commissions when you buy foreign online. You will receive an email or text when your money is ready for pick-up or delivery.

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You can also purchase Taiwanese dollars at the airport. However, the rates are terrible and there also a service.

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Exchange in destination:

Buying US overseas might sometimes be more affordable. Money changers in popular visitor countries, including Bali, Singapore, and Thailand, gladly take AUD. Usually, their exchange rates are significantly similar to market rates.


There are currently 3 bank that you could purchase Taiwanese dollars. Most banks have dedicated locations in the city where you may exchange currency. You can also purchase it online and pick it up from a selected branch.

Post Offices:

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase foreign cash from Australia post stores. It must be done online and will take upto 5 business days. Its also expensive to Buy Taiwanese dollars from post offices.
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How to convert AUD to TWD at the best rates

Converting AUD to TWD is a simple process, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting the best exchange rate. That’s why it’s a good idea to do your research and compare different options before deciding where to convert AUD to TWD. Many banks, foreign exchange dealers, financial services companies, and even most credit cards offer AUD to TWD conversion services. However, some services may have different fees and varying levels of customer service, so it’s best to shop around and read reviews in order to find the best company for converting AUD to TWD at the highest available rate.

You may visit a comparison website like The Currency Shop.
Online currency rate comparison is much simpler than in-store exchange rate comparison. You can compare currency rates online to exchange AUD to TWD at the best rate.
However, remember that it is crucial to compare the total price of each service, including all fees and taxes. Also, remember that Danesh Exchange offers the most competitive AUD/TWD exchange rate.

Conversion rates AUD to TWD

1 AUD 19.0107 TWD
5 AUD 95.0535 TWD
10 AUD 190.1070 TWD
20 AUD 380.2140 TWD
50 AUD 950.5350 TWD
100 AUD 1901.0700 TWD
250 AUD 4752.6750 TWD
500 AUD 9505.3500 TWD
1000 AUD 19010.7000 TWD
2000 AUD 38021.4000 TWD
5000 AUD 95053.5000 TWD
10000 AUD 190107.0000 TWD

Conversion rates TWD to AUD

1 TWD 0.0526 AUD
5 TWD 0.2630 AUD
10 TWD 0.5260 AUD
20 TWD 1.0520 AUD
50 TWD 2.6301 AUD
100 TWD 5.2602 AUD
250 TWD 13.1505 AUD
500 TWD 26.3010 AUD
1000 TWD 52.6020 AUD
2000 TWD 105.2039 AUD
5000 TWD 263.0098 AUD
10000 TWD 526.0196 AUD

When is the Best Time to sell Taiwanese dollars?

With the fluctuations in exchange rates, it can be difficult to know when the best time is to sell Taiwanese dollars. To get the greatest advantage, conduct research into current and past exchange trends, so you will be aware of when it could be beneficial for you to make your purchase. If possible, try to get a sense of how rate changes may influence potential upcoming deals and contracts -this could potentially save you a lot of money. Ultimately, timing is important – watch for any signs of emerging market trends that could work in your favour and act accordingly. By being aware and informed of foreign exchange opportunities, you will have the best chance at getting great value!

How do I get the best exchange rate?

Exchange rates are always changing, and getting the best ones can be tricky. Researching online can help you understand the current exchange rate trends and which locations may offer favorable conversions. Additionally, exploring currency exchanges ahead of time can give you a sense of what the going rate is in more practical terms – rather than just relying on the numbers online. Also, if your travels span multiple countries or currencies, prepaid cards and credit cards may be more cost-effective options than visiting multiple conversion sites or kiosks along your journey. Ultimately, while it takes some extra legwork to get a better exchange rate, taking ownership of your preliminary efforts will help ensure you maximize the result and make the most of your money abroad.