5 Ways to Avoid Money Exchange Mishaps When Traveling to Australia

October 31, 2017

Most of the travelers prefer to have credit cards but do little mistakes while swiping cards or exchanging currency that could be harmful for the bank account. So, organizing travel money to get the best exchange rate by avoiding currency conversion pitfalls would be the better way to spend travel money abroad. Australia, no doubt, is one of the charming countries in the world due to its Great Barrier Reef, beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, delicious food, great wine regions, lush jungles, stunning scenery and amazing people. These are the points of interest that ever captivating the travelers throughout the year. Travelers often spend time and do homework to find the beautiful places, finalize itinerary, book airlines and accommodation when planning a trip to Australia but do not pay attention on travel money.

Here are five ways to avoid money exchange mishaps when traveling to Australia that could be helpful.

Don’t Exchange Money at Popular Tourist Destinations

If you have a plan to buy travel money at the Melbourne Airport then change your plan because airports and all the popular tourist destinations are the worst places for exchanging currency. The exchange bureaus at airports, near beaches and parks offer poor exchange rates. (So, neither you should exchange money at such places nor use credit cards. But if you have to use ATMs at the airport then it’d be a great option to order currency online. Search a good company or money changer offering best currency exchange in Melbourne to order currency that you can easily receive at the airport.

Use a Card with No “Transaction Fee”

Using cards and ATMs can be the best option because of the good exchange rate as well as it is the safest way to carry travel money overseas. But every company or bank charge foreign transaction fee, ATM fees and other surcharges that sometimes eat up a big part of travel money. So, don’t pick a card blindly and do some research then choose a card with no transaction fees. Try to use a card which should be affiliated with the Commonwealth of Australia to avoid all these charges and fees.

Don’t Use Traveler’s Checks

No doubt using traveler’s check for buying Aussie dollars was a good option but now they are useless. Because these checks are rarely acceptable here in Australia. There are only a few banks in Australia where you can exchange these checks to get cash but remember they offer a little protection for them in case you lost them. So, it is suggested do not bring traveler’s check as it will be problematic for you.

Use Safer ATMs

Most of the travelers don’t bother to check the ATMs before using machines. But it is significant to check the ATM machines and just use safer ATMs because criminals have set out some fake ATMs having a scanner at different locations. So they can easily scan the PIN code. So, if you see scratches on the money deposit hole or anything suspicious then leave immediately and look for other ATM.

Order Currency Online

To get the best exchange rate is the real game when it comes to organizing and managing travel money. Exchange rate diverges from exchanger to exchanger so negotiating the money changer also makes a big difference. You can get a better rate by negotiating the price with money changer but usually, the exchange rate you get in the high streets of Australia is higher than online currency exchange agencies. It is worth checking the rates of online companies and money changers to get the best currency exchange in Melbourne.